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A DIY Guide to Oil Changes

Gasoline isn’t the only motor fluid that powers your car and helps it run smoothly. If gas is at the top of a ‘most essential fluids list,’ motor oil is second in line. Motor oil is an incredibly efficient lubricant that is intended to keep all of the intricate pieces of your engine running smoothly. […]

9 Important Types of Tires

For a lot of drivers, a tire is a tire is a tire. In reality, however, the tires on a vehicle are one of the most important parts and can make a huge difference in how a car performs and drives. That’s why it’s so important to understand different types of tires so you know […]

Demystifying Different Types of Trucks

If you have done any shopping for pickup trucks, then you have probably run into a whole slew of comically confusing terms used to describe them. I’m talking about things like “full size,” “mid-size,” “compact,” “light duty,” “heavy duty,” and “super duty!” Different manufacturers even use some terms exclusively to refer to different pickup truck […]