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Does Your Car Need High-Octane Gas?

Even someone who’s never driven a car has probably heard the phrase “high-octane,” as it’s become synonymous with something exciting or heart-racing. But why is that, exactly? High-octane gas, in and of itself, isn’t particularly exciting, but it’s come to represent what it’s used for, which are high-performance engines, typically those found in muscle cars […]

Which Turbocharger Is Right for You?

Turbochargers for engines are quite complicated but also surprisingly simple, with a vast array of different options available from many manufacturers. You’ll find some turbocharged engines coming straight from the factory, either to boost overall performance or to get decent performance from a small engine, while others are available as aftermarket options that you can […]

Understanding Your Honda Warranty

When it comes to reliability and great performance, Honda is one of the best brands on the road, with a lot to offer and decades of happy and loyal customers. Like any other major automotive manufacturer, Honda covers its vehicles with warranty protection that you can take advantage of when it comes time for service. […]