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Here at Check Engine we strive to provide our readers with content related to automotive repair, troubleshooting, technical guides, and mechanical automotive interest. Technical and mechanical topics can be very detailed and our readers may put what we write into real-world use. As such, it is essential here at Check Engine that our content is accurate for the DIYer, informative for the troubleshooter, and interesting for the enthusiast.

A publisher at Check Engine takes the content that our writers produce and publishes it to our site while adding appropriate enhancements. A publisher should have better-than-rudimentary automotive technical knowledge. This knowledge will help you source accurate images for the articles you publish and generate correct and interesting headings and metadata.


• Optimizing articles for search engines and readers
• Publish articles to the site
• Source and format relevant imagery
• Write accurate title tags, meta descriptions, image alt tags, etc. for articles
• Follow publishing and formatting standards carefully
• Know HTML5/CSS3, Javascript and WordPress
• Familiar with Microsoft Office/Google Suite and related products

Proficient In:
HTML, Javascript, CSS, WordPress development, Excel/Google Sheets/Numbers, Comfortable with Mac OSX. Editing of English Language Articles. SEO. Google Analytics Experience a plus.

• At least 3 years of relevant experience (including most recent employment)
• A basic understanding of Search Engine Optimization practices.
• Relevant degree is preferable but not required.