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Imagine that you’re behind the wheel as your vehicle glides down the highway at a steady clip during peak traffic hours. While your eyes remain locked on the car ahead of you (manned by a relentless serial brake-rider) you notice something blink into existence slightly below your line of sight. In the area surrounding your speedometer, a warning light has appeared. Don’t worry, you have plenty of fuel, so what’s wrong? Glowing, the light seems to taunt you. But what is it trying to tell you?

Maybe that light is a buoy, bobbing in the ocean. Maybe it’s an upside-down horseshoe that’s so excited to be an upside-down horseshoe that it comes with an exclamation point. Perhaps it’s a magic lamp starting to leak a genie who’s going to grant you three wishes. Maybe that circular ABS light is trying to tell you that your trips to the gym are paying off, and your six-pack is looking good. Or perhaps it’s the one that you probably do recognize: the dreaded ‘Check Engine’ light.

Here at we understand the confusion (and in some cases, panic) that can arise from a suddenly illuminated warning light on the dashboard of your car. While many of you understand that a Check Engine light could mean any number of things, it’s important to understand that it might not be heralding a serious engine problem and could be something as minimal as a loosened gas cap. Regardless of your skill and comfort level with automotive maintenance it is our mission to provide you with a trustworthy go-to resource for all your automotive questions.

Vehicle care and maintenance require attention to more than just your dashboard displays. Think of it as the communication within a relationship, reliant upon your senses. A true bond between car and driver means your ability to listen, and your vehicle’s desire to be heard. It requires full use of your senses, understanding what your vehicle is trying to tell you so that you can enjoy a longer, happier relationship.

So, what can you expect from in terms of content?

Whether you’re an automotive and mechanical enthusiast or a casual driver with minimal experience under the hood, our content is geared towards a wide range of readers. From basic introductions to intermediate how-to’s we’re here to run the gamut of informational reading all the way up to high-level diagnosis.

Our goal?

To create empowered and better-informed drivers, and foster a stronger bond between those drivers and their vehicles.