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10 DIY Modifications You Can Make to Personalize Your Car

Your car is an extension of who you are. For instance, you can immediately tell an adventurous driver from a family or an everyday commuter from a sports car enthusiast just by the vehicle they choose to drive. When you’re looking at cars for sale, you may find a car that has potential but doesn’t quite exhibit your style. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to change that. Through simple DIY modifications, you can take a car from bland to eye-catching in an instant. That’s why we’ve compiled ten of the best modifications you can do yourself to make your car stand out on the streets and offer you the experience you demand inside.

#1 – Seat Covers

Skill Level: Novice

It’s fairly easy to transform the look of your car’s interior with simple seat covers, and you don’t need to be a pro to install them, either. Various materials and prints are available to spruce up the look of your car, especially if you’re driving around in an older vehicle with outdated appointments. From leather to durable materials perfect for avid adventurers, there are plenty of seat covers available to enhance your experience on board. Plus, they’re easy to install just by slipping them over your seats, making this a quick and affordable solution to amplify your comfort while you’re on the highway.

#2 – Wheels

Skill Level: Novice

This modification can be done at home if you order a set of new wheels with the tires already mounted on them. There are many different wheel designs available for your vehicle, so choosing which rims work for you will be based on your taste and budget. In order to install new wheels on your car, simply jack it up, remove the old wheels, and install the new set. However, if you only ordered the bare rims, you will need professional help to swap your tires over from your old wheels. Changing out the wheels on your car is a great way to add more personality to the vehicle and can also improve its performance.

#3 – Spoiler

Skill Level: Moderate

Adding a spoiler to your car is one of the top ways to add more excitement to its outward appeal. It’s not as challenging as some believe, and if you have a drill and a wrench, you’ll be able to do this right from home. All you need to do is pop your trunk and locate its underside. With the spoiler temporarily taped in place, locate its installation holes and mark them accordingly, then remove the spoiler so that you can drill the necessary mounting holes without damaging your new spoiler. Fasten the spoiler to the vehicle by tightening the bolts, and voila! You’ve got yourself a brand-new spoiler to turn heads on the streets.

#4 – Window Tint

Skill Level: Moderate/Advanced

Not only is window tint a fabulous way to protect against the elements, especially during the hot summer days, but it’s also one of the best ways to make your car look sleek and stylish on the road. However, this DIY mod is best left to those with moderate to advanced capabilities. Although tint is easy to apply to the inside of your vehicle’s windows, there’s a certain finesse to ensure that no bubbles form along the way. This is a surefire way to make your tint look less appealing, so be sure that your windows are clean first, then cut the tint to size, pushing down any bubbles with a hard, flat scraper. It’s important to note that although window tint is legal in most states, there are laws regarding how dark it can be and where it can be located on your vehicle, so it’s crucial to check into this before installing tint on your car.

#5 – Interior Lighting

Skill Level: Moderate

Another easy way to make your vehicle more appealing is to install ambient lighting throughout your cabin to heighten the tranquility inside. From dome lights to door lights, under-seat LED light strips, and more, there are plenty of lighting kits that can be easily installed to help you add more flair to your vehicle. You may be wondering if you’re able to do the same to your vehicle’s exterior, but although under-car lighting is legal in many states, you should not drive with these lights illuminated. Instead, you can only utilize them when the vehicle is parked.

#6 – Custom Paint and Wraps

Skill Level: Advanced

If you’re an artistic person, you may be ready to drastically change your vehicle’s looks with a fresh paint scheme or a custom wrap. From a unique design to a vibrant color, advanced DIYers can revitalize their vehicle’s appearance. Paint is a permanent solution, while a vinyl wrap is temporary and can be safely removed at a later date. If you’re looking to add your own art to your vehicle but are not comfortable doing this yourself, you can partner with a local vehicle wrap or paint company and present your design so they can install it for you.

#7 – Performance Exhaust

Skill Level: Moderate

Nothing beats the sound of an intimidating vehicle roaring down the street, and for many drivers, this is one of the first mods they make to their cars. Installing a performance exhaust is fairly simple and can be done in your driveway, but it’s important to note that you will need some tools handy. For one, you’ll need to raise your vehicle off the ground, which can be done either with a lift or a ramp. Then simply unbolt the sections of the exhaust that you want to replace. The rest of the project can be completed by following the directions on your specific exhaust kit, making this process fairly straightforward and a great way to add excitement to your car.

#8 – Audio Systems

Skill Level: Variable

The degree of difficulty when replacing your car’s audio system depends on the system you’re replacing it with and your knowledge of vehicle audio systems. Some after-market audio systems are easy to replace by removing the old components and plugging in the new system. Other audio systems, however, require a complete installation of a brand-new system, including new speakers, amplifiers, head units, and more. If you’re not comfortable taking on this task yourself, we always recommend bringing it to the professionals. Keep in mind that you’re still able to be a part of the process by choosing the exact components you’re looking for to maximize the experience inside your vehicle.

#9 – Suspension Lifts

Skill Level: Moderate

Many truck enthusiasts seek to add lift kits to their trucks, whether they’re looking to enhance their off-road experience or add more excitement to their truck’s appeal. Installing a lift kit on your truck can be done at home; however, you’re going to need some tools in order to accomplish this. A jack and several wrenches, including torque and socket wrenches, are some of the basics. It’s important to note that this mod is best left to those who are experienced and confident in their skill level. It’s also a good practice to look up your state’s laws regarding lift kits because these vary from state to state and can affect which suspension lift you’re able to install on your vehicle.

#10 – Tow Hitch

Skill Level: Novice

When you own a truck or SUV, you may want to outfit it to tow a camper or trailer at some point. This is an easy DIY mod for your vehicle that can be done quickly with a few basic tools and the instructions that come with your hitch. Many vehicles are already prepped for a hitch, which makes this task easier, but if not, it’s simple to drill holes for installation. Just remember to consult the instruction packet that comes with your hitch first.

Make Your Vehicle Look and Perform Better

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to modify your vehicle yourself, whether you’re a novice or are more experienced in DIY car projects. From the interior to the exterior, mods can make your vehicle look and perform better, allowing you to take advantage of your travels like never before. When you’re looking to enhance your vehicle, look into these DIY car modifications and see how, even with just a simple mod, your vehicle will be more exciting than you ever thought possible.