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Exploring Cadillac’s Comfort Advantage

As a brand that’s built its name on luxury, Cadillac never treats comfort as an afterthought. While power, style, and convenience all play a vital role in the Cadillac formula, it’s the automaker’s reputation for a smooth, refined ride that has allowed the company to dominate the American luxury market. Cadillac has emphasized comfort through […]

Popping the Hood on Hybrid Vehicles

From traditional hybrids and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) models to a new generation of all-electric vehicles (EVs), parsing the differences between different types of alternative-fuel vehicles can be challenging for even the most experienced driver. Things aren’t made any easier by the fact that automakers have fallen into the habit of producing hybrids and PHEVs that […]

The Ingenuity Behind VTEC: Honda’s Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control

Honda’s reputation is deeply tied to best-selling models like the Civic, a sedan revered for its practicality and versatility. These characteristics are at the heart of every Honda Civic for sale, but they do little to convey Honda’s ongoing efforts to deliver more horsepower and capability in its lineup. For Honda, practicality and performance aren’t […]