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The Ingenuity Behind VTEC: Honda’s Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control

Honda’s reputation is deeply tied to best-selling models like the Civic, a sedan revered for its practicality and versatility. These characteristics are at the heart of every Honda Civic for sale, but they do little to convey Honda’s ongoing efforts to deliver more horsepower and capability in its lineup. For Honda, practicality and performance aren’t […]

Which Turbocharger Is Right for You?

Turbochargers for engines are quite complicated but also surprisingly simple, with a vast array of different options available from many manufacturers. You’ll find some turbocharged engines coming straight from the factory, either to boost overall performance or to get decent performance from a small engine, while others are available as aftermarket options that you can […]

Engine Tug-of-War: Inline vs V-Type

The most important mechanical system in any automobile is the engine. Sure, there are plenty of systems that are essential, without which motion is impossible, but the engine is what turned the carriage into the horseless carriage. For most vehicles, the motor is still an internal combustion engine, with air intakes, exhaust manifolds, drive belts, […]