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Popping the Hood on Hybrid Vehicles

From traditional hybrids and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) models to a new generation of all-electric vehicles (EVs), parsing the differences between different types of alternative-fuel vehicles can be challenging for even the most experienced driver. Things aren’t made any easier by the fact that automakers have fallen into the habit of producing hybrids and PHEVs that […]

Getting the Most from Your Nissan LEAF: Routine Maintenance Basics

Routine maintenance is one of the many considerations when shopping for electric vehicles for sale. Every car, whether it has an internal combustion engine or an electric powertrain, is an investment worth protecting, and scheduled maintenance is essential to extending its longevity and heightening its performance. But what does that maintenance look like for electric […]

How Do Ford Hybrids Work? Here’s How

Hybrids. We hear about them all the time. They’re the constant hotness in the world of transitioning away from the petrol-based combustion engine. In fact, it’s increasingly uncommon to see an entire model year line-up from a brand that doesn’t include a hybrid or electric vehicle of some sort. For car shoppers interested in purchasing […]