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10 Reasons Not to Skip a Cheap Oil Change

We all know that it’s important to take our vehicle in for an oil change every now and then, but is it really necessary to follow the recommended guidelines of our manuals? If there’s one type of automotive maintenance you should stay on top of, it’s oil changes. They are inexpensive, quick, and incredibly important to the overall health and reliability of your vehicle. If you’re looking to avoid as many costly repairs as possible, improve performance and efficiency, and simply take good care of your vehicle, don’t skip out on the cheap oil change from your local dealership. Still not convinced? Here are ten important reasons you’ll want to take your vehicle in for regular oil changes. Plus, is it really all that difficult?

#1. Engine Lubrication

One of the main reasons to take your vehicle in for regular oil changes is to keep the engine well lubricated. The engine is composed of several parts, including pistons and valves which require lubrication to help them run efficiently at high speeds. Without regular oil changes the components of your engine will wear prematurely, causing unnecessary damage to your engine and resulting in costly repairs.

#2. Improved Fuel Efficiency

An engine that is not properly lubricated with use up far more gas than an engine that is well lubricated. For this reason, fuel efficiency is one of the main reasons drivers take their vehicle in for a quick, cheap oil change. If you’re looking for ways to save money at the gas pump, regular oil changes are key.

#3. Pollution

As engine oil breaks down and becomes full of impurities, the emissions your vehicle naturally creates become more and more harmful to the environment. The longer you wait for an oil change the worse your emissions will be. While this may or may not be at the top of your list for receiving regular oil changes, it is certainly something to think about.

#4. Longer Lasting Vehicle

Oil changes are a key part of your vehicle’s maintenance. Drivers who receive regular oil changes can feel confident that they are lengthening the lifespan of their vehicle. With improved performance and efficiency, your vehicle simply won’t have to work as hard on a daily basis.

#5. Warranty Concerns

In the event that your vehicle came with a warranty, you may be required to take your vehicle in for regular maintenance, including oil changes. In the event that you have not been taking your vehicle in for maintenance and a problem occurs, your warranty may be voided. This would leave you to pay for any and all damages that may be related to the lack of maintenance performed. To ensure that you are able to use your warranty for future repairs, be sure to follow the recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle, this can be found in the manual that was included.

#6. Resale Value

Drivers looking to sell their vehicle in the future can likely expect a lower resale value due to skipped oil changes. The first reason your vehicle may sell for less is that it harbors unnecessary problems due to its lack of proper maintenance. If it needs to be repaired in any way, this will lower the cost you can sell it for exponentially. The second reason is that if interested buyers ask to see a vehicle history report, they will most likely notice the vehicle’s lack of maintenance and be turned off from the purchase. In the long run, oil changes are an inexpensive way to maximize the resale value of your vehicle and prevent unnecessary repairs.

#7. Common Problems

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There are several common problems that are directly caused by skipped oil changes and can therefore be easily prevented. This includes engine seizures, which can result in a total replacement of your engine leading to thousands of dollars in parts and service fees. Many of the problems most commonly associated with infrequent oil changes are extraordinarily costly. To prevent this, simply head to your local dealership for a quick oil change every 3,000-5,000 miles or as is recommended in your vehicle manual.

#8. Impurities & Thick Oil

Oil works to cool the engine, but also works to remove impurities like dirt and other harmful contaminants. As oil ages it works less effectively, creating a harsh environment for the engine. This eventually leads to thick, dirty oil which forces your engine to work harder than necessary. Drivers that neglect getting their vehicle an oil change will eventually find their engine filled with a thick sludge responsible for poor performance, efficiency, and a multitude of potential problems.

#9. Engine Temperature Regulation

One of the key functions of oil is to help regulate the temperature of your engine. The components of your engine work at incredibly high speeds, causing a great deal of friction and eventually substantial heat. Oil works to absorb the heat produced by friction and prevents the engine from overheating. Over time, oil becomes less and less efficient at regulating the engine’s temperature, putting your vehicle at a much higher risk of overheating.

#10. It’s Easy, Fast, & Cheap!

Let’s face it, oil changes are an easy, fast, and inexpensive form of maintenance for your vehicle. Your local dealership is sure to make following the proper and recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle as easy as possible. You may even be able to schedule an oil change directly from their website and search for applicable deals. When it’s time for your oil change you’ll be in and out quickly, and your dealership will probably have checked for other common issues and may even have time for a tire rotation and alignment. With all of the expensive problems that skipping an oil change can cause, receiving a cheap oil change is clearly the more cost-effective option for your vehicle.

Visit Your Local Dealership for a Cheap Oil Change

Wondering where to head for a cheap oil change? Check out the deals being offered through your local dealerships, especially if they specialize in your manufacturer or are used to dealing with a variety of used makes and models. You’ll also want to look for a local dealership that has a fully certified service center, just in case your vehicle ends up needing any repairs in the future. It also won’t hurt to check out any available online reviews to ensure that the dealership you’re interested in working with offers dependable and trustworthy services.

Another perk of utilizing a cheap oil change through your local dealership is that they will likely have a comfortable space packed with complimentary refreshments and WiFi for you to enjoy while your vehicle is being serviced. Establishing a relationship with your local dealership through regular oil changes is also a great way to ensure that you have a place to return for repairs or even for the purchase of your next vehicle. Overall, there are numerous benefits to taking your vehicle to your local car dealership for a cheap oil change. So, head over to your dealership, get an oil change, and rest easy knowing that you’re avoiding a multitude of unnecessary repairs!