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8 Great Fathers Day Gifts for the DIY Dad

Having a hard time finding the right gift ideas for your DIY dad? Sometimes it seems like everything you find the perfect Fathers Day gift idea; it turns out that he already has it. Well, here are 8 great gift ideas that will help him out with his next project. All of these are can’t-live-without-it tools for the serious automotive enthusiast, and we bet you that even the best-equipped DIY dad doesn’t have them all in his toolbox. It’s time to turn the tables and really surprise him with a tool that even he didn’t know he needed! Let’s take a look at some 2022 tools for Father’s Day.

#1 – Husky 9” Magnetic Parts Tray ($13.97)

When working on cars (or anything for that matter), the job gets a lot easier when you have a convenient place to put all the small bolts, nuts, and washers you have removed. One of the best ways to keep everything in one place and not end up searching the driveway for that critical missing bit is to use a magnetized tray. This handy little tool will keep everything safe until the job is done, even if it is accidentally knocked around or tipped over. While there are countless options out there, and they will all work, we like Home Depot’s Husky 9×5 inch stainless steel tray, and we think dad will too. It even includes rubber feet to keep things steady and prevent it from scratching any surface it is placed on.

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#2 – Jegs 19-Piece Trim & Audio Removal Set ($25.99)

If your dad is the type that doesn’t just maintain his car but spends time improving his car, then we know that he will appreciate a set of trim removal tools. The interior panels in a modern car all clip together and are simple enough to remove, but without the proper tools, there is a good chance that he will damage or scratch the panels. The Jegs 19-piece trim removal set has all the important tools dad needs to get the job done right and is quite affordable to boot! This set also comes with some pliers, clippers, and other tools designed for working on car stereo systems, which will come in handy when dad decides it’s time to install that aftermarket speaker system he’s been eying.

#3 – ACDelco ARM602 Digital Torque Adapter ($59.50)

A torque wrench is a vital tool for making sure that every bolt is tightened down properly before the job is done. However, traditional torque wrenches can be a hassle to use and store. That is where a digital torque wrench adaptor comes in handy. This small device slips onto the end of any ratchet and instantly transforms it into an easy-to-use torque wrench. One of the best digital torque wrench adaptors is the ACDelco ARM602. This device comes in a few different sizes and ratings, but we’d recommend the ½” drive, 14.8 – 147.6 ft-lbs version as the most versatile for the DIY dad. If you really want to surprise him this Father’s Day, then add the ⅜” drive, 5.9 – 59 ft-lbs version as well. Together, these two adaptors will cover just about every automotive situation.

#4 – OBDLink MX+ OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner ($139.95)

A Bluetooth OBD2 reader is one of the most useful tools around for diagnosing problems with modern cars. Simply plug it into the car’s OBD2 port, connect it to your smartphone wirelessly, and dad will have access to the same hidden diagnostic trouble codes as a professional mechanic. While there are a lot of Bluetooth OBD2 readers on the market, including affordable examples priced under $20, we’d recommend surprising dad with the OBDLink MX+ OBD2 scanner this Father’s Day. Unlike the cheap no-name models, the OBDLink MX+ comes with a three-year warranty, easy to use OBDLink mobile app and PC software, and a hacker-proof connection. It is also fully compatible with both Android and iOS devices, can read special Ford and GM codes, and includes a sleep mode so it can be left plugged in at all times without draining the battery.

#5 – Power Probe III Circuit Tester ($139.78)

Testing and diagnosing the electrical systems in a car can be a pain, but having the right tools makes the job a breeze. The Power Probe III Circuit Tester combines a variety of different features and is the best all-around electric diagnostic tool. The easy-to-use interface and digital display will be appreciated by dad when he is checking circuits, and the 20’ cable that hooks directly to the car battery allows the Power Probe III to work anywhere without having to worry about batteries. It even includes small LED lights so that dad can see what he is working on without having to juggle a flashlight at the same time.

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#6 – Godox SL100D LED Light ($149.00)

Most garages aren’t well-lit, and it gets even harder to see when working underneath a car. While giving junior a flashlight may seem like a solution, a good portable floodlight will cut down on frustration and make the whole job more fun for everyone. There are a lot of options available, including lights marketed specifically for DIY mechanics, but we’ve found that the best solution is to use video lights. The Godox SL100D video light in particular uses extremely bright LEDs to illuminate the workshop fully and is fully dimmable from 0-100%. It even includes a smartphone app for remote adjustment. But the best part is that it’s designed to work with a wide variety of stands, allowing dad to set up his garage lighting exactly the way he wants it.

#7 – Milwaukee M12 Cordless ⅜” Ratchet ($149.00)

If dad is the automotive DIY type, then he probably already has a cordless impact wrench. But does he have a cordless ratchet? This handy little battery-powered tool is not much bigger than a manual ratchet, allowing it to get into tight spots that you can’t reach with a larger impact wrench. We personally prefer the Milwaukee M12 cordless ⅜” ratchet as the best all-around option because it shares the same excellent M12 battery packs as many of Milwaukee’s other cordless tools. However, if dad already has a collection of cordless tools from a different brand, try to find a cordless ratchet from that brand instead so he doesn’t have to get new battery packs for it.

#8 – Klutch 94-Piece Impact Socket Set ($249.99)

There are many socket sets out there, and odds are that dad already has a few. But when it comes to the most complete socket set around, it is difficult to beat this 94-piece set from Klutch. These sockets are made from high-strength chrome-molybdenum steel, allowing them to be safely used with high-power impact wrenches and have a manganese phosphate finish to resist rust. The set includes ⅜” and ½” drive sockets in both Metric and SAE sizes from 9mm up to 19mm and from 5/16” up to ¾”, making it suitable for almost any job. Even better, it also includes a set of deep wall sockets for removing nuts from protruding bolts, and it comes in a hard plastic carrying case to keep everything organized.