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Let’s Get Dirty: Talkin’ Mud Flaps!

This isn’t going to be pretty, because today we’re going to talk about mud flaps. Call them mud flaps, splash guards, mudguards, aprons, whatever – it doesn’t matter because they all do the same thing. No matter what you want to call them when you choose Silverado mud flaps to protect your Chevy, you help improve the performance and longevity of your truck, plus it keeps you looking better on the road.

And that’s all without even mentioning the fact that good mud flaps also help protect the vehicles of other drivers around you. Ever been cruising along, minding your own business and enjoying the road, when a tiny pebble or rock (I say tiny, but they usually seem like boulders) is hurled from the tires of a vehicle in front of you and slams into your windshield? Yeah, me too, and it sucks. At best it will startle you, and at worst it will do some serious damage to your windshield – or even cause an accident. Good mud flaps can help prevent those and similar situations.

What are Mud Flaps?

So let’s start with the basics and talk about what mud flaps essentially are. No matter what design, material, or style you go with, a mud flap is a piece of material that sits behind one of the tires on your vehicle. You can find them on small cars and coupes as well as full-size SUVs, heavy-duty pickup trucks, and even commercial big rigs. The name is pretty straightforward: they are flaps of material that help protect your vehicle from mud…

Some manufacturers offer mud flaps that are designed specifically for certain vehicles, usually with a particular logo or indicator on them. Silverado mud flaps, for example, show off that you have exceptionally good taste and have chosen a Chevy Silverado to get you where you’re going. Other manufacturers also offer mud flaps that show off their brands and vehicles, as you would expect. Whether they also indicate your exquisite taste and cultured background would depend on the manufacturer in question.

Is there a Difference Between Mud Flaps and Splash Guards?

This is simple to answer: no, there isn’t — next question.

Seriously though, mud flaps are called by many different names, usually depending on the part of the country a person is from or where they learned to talk about cars. “Mud flaps” are quite common, especially on the west coast, but they can also be called “splash guards,” “mudguards,” and even “splash aprons” in different areas and by different people. All of these terms refer to the same thing, and they all serve the same function.

The only distinction that could be made, if you’re especially picky, is whether something is a free-hanging flap or an attached guard. The phrase “mud flaps” could be used to specifically refer to those ones that hand down behind a tire attached only at the top of the flap to the undercarriage. While the term “guard” might be used to refer to those ones that are physically connected to the chassis just behind the tire and do not hang down at all. That’s pretty fiddly, however, so just know that in general these terms are used pretty interchangeably.

How do Mud Flaps Protect my Vehicle?

The biggest thing that Silverado mud flaps do to protect your Chevy is keeping water, mud, snow, and ice, and other debris from jumping up from the rear of your tires and striking the underside of your vehicle. You might think that a little water getting splashed up into the undercarriage of your truck isn’t a big deal, but think about how often you drive. Now think about how often there is water present from rain or melted snow. And finally, picture all of that water striking the components on the underside of your vehicle.

Over time even something as seemingly harmless as water can damage your truck’s electrical and mechanical systems. That’s not even talking about things like mud, snow, ice, and toxic chemicals found on the road. All of those things going up into the underside of your truck can cause serious damage and end up costing you a lot of money. Silverado mud flaps are a great way to protect your truck by deflecting all that stuff and keeping it out of your undercarriage.

Silverado mud flaps with the Chevy logo
Are there Different Types of Mud Flaps?

Yes, there are a few different types, usually categorized by how they are designed and attached to your vehicle. “No drill mud flaps,” for example, are fitted onto your truck and can be attached without removing your tires. There are also custom molded mud flaps that use mounting hardware to attach and fit behind either the rear or front tires of your truck.

Splash guard mud flaps are more of the traditional Silverado mud flaps you might think of and hang down behind your tires. A lot of these types of mud flaps are available in different materials such as stainless steel, plastic, or rubber. Speaking of which…

What about Plastic vs. Rubber?

Good question – I never even would have thought of that. So this debate typically just comes down to what type of vehicle you are looking at. Cars like sedans and coupes usually have plastic splash guards that are attached to the chassis directly behind the tires of the vehicle.

On the other hand, rubber mud flaps are more commonly found on larger vehicles such as full-size pickup trucks. Silverado mud flaps are often made from durable rubber that can take a lot of abuse and keep on looking good. After all, the mud, snow, ice, and debris that your vehicle is protected from ends up slamming into these things all day long. That takes its toll, but the hardy rubber used to make these mud flaps can take the abuse and keep protecting your truck.

Do Mud Flaps Help Other Drivers on the Road?

Oh yes. Remember that example at the beginning about rocks hitting your windshield? Well, good mud flaps can prevent that from happening to other people. And not just rocks, but your Silverado mud flaps can also keep water, slush, and mud from kicking up behind your truck and splashing across the windshield of vehicles behind you. Personally, I prefer anyone driving behind me to be able to see through their windshield clearly – and good mud flaps help ensure their visibility is clear.

Where Can I Get Mud Flaps and Who Installs Them?

Since mud flaps are pretty generalized accessories for vehicles, you can find them at lots of different locations including general retail shops, auto supply stores, and online. You can also find Silverado mud flaps at your local Chevy dealership of choice, where they would more than likely be happy to install them for you as well. It’s important to make sure your mud flaps are properly installed, no matter what style you go with, to ensure they stay adhered to your vehicle and do not come off while you are driving.

Proper choice and installation of Silverado mud flaps help protect your vehicle and others on the road. You might think it’s a minor thing, but it’s much better to install or replace inexpensive accessories rather than much more costly mechanical systems in your truck.