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9 Moto-Must Haves for This Holiday Season

Are you shopping for a motorcycle enthusiast this holiday season but are stumped on what to get them? Maybe you considered getting them parts or gear, but you had no idea where to start? Motorcycles are very personal, and so is riding gear, so it can get a little hard to figure out exactly what someone who rides would want. However, there is a solution to this dilemma in the form of tools and accessories! There are some things that all motorcycle enthusiasts will be able to find a use for that don’t require doing a ton of research into what type of motorcycle they ride and what type of riding they do; these are things that are “motorcycle adjacent” so while they’re not things that bolt directly to the bike or are worn by the rider, they will come in handy. Allow me to list a few items that most motorcycle enthusiasts would love to get this holiday season, no matter their ilk.

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Gifts Under $40 and Under

Mophie Power Boost (10K)

Sometimes, the things you need most are the simplest items; a basic power bank to charge your phone can really save the day when you’re out riding. If you don’t have an onboard charger for your phone, you may find yourself with a dead battery miles from home. This is when small power banks can be a real lifesaver. The Mophie Power Boost (10k) is the one I use, and it has yet to let me down. It’s a simple and inexpensive power bank that offers both USB-A and USB-C charging and holds about two phone charges when at full battery.

The Canyon Dancer Bar Harness II

The Canyon Dancer Bar Harness II solves the ever-present dilemma of trying to transport something that relies on balance in a trailer or the bed of a truck. It has two small cups that go over the ends of the handlebars, giving you access to secure anchor points for straps to keep the bike stable. This is perfect for the rider who needs to transport their bikes often, whether to retrieve their latest marketplace find or get a track bike to the track.

Stockton Compact Tool Kit

The Stockton tool kit offerings are a staple of the motorcycle community at this point, and the brand’s Compact Tool Kit is perfect for anyone who rides a bike that uses metric fasteners (almost all non-American manufacturers). It is a downsized version of the normal Stockton Roadside Tool Kit, allowing it to fit just about anywhere. It is a huge upgrade over the normal onboard tool kit that comes from the factory and will be able to tackle many of the problems that would otherwise leave you stranded.

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Gifts $40-$60

Stockton Roadside Tool Kit

The full-size Stockton Roadside Tool Kit is perfect for the rider who is just starting out and may not have all the tools they need to work their motorcycle. It gives you all of the basics you need to work on your bike and seems to be perpetually on sale. It would not be the best gift for the veteran rider who already has a set of tools, but this is the perfect choice for the fledgling rider who just needs the basics. I got one as a gift when I first started riding and still use some of it to this day. Just make sure that you order the SAE kit if they ride a Harley-Davidson and a Metric kit if not.

 S100 Cycle Care Gift Set

The S100 Cycle Care Gift set is perfect for the rider who likes keeping their bike clean (or maybe likes getting it dirty). Inside is everything that you could need to clean a bike and keep it clean with corrosion protection and wax. You can never have too many cleaning products, so this makes a great gift for any rider.

Trackside 8 Piece Tie-Down Set

The Trackside 8 Piece Tie-Down Set gives you everything you could need to secure a motorcycle in a trailer or truck bed. It is a basic set of straps that includes soft ties that are safe on paint and coated hooks to help prevent body damage if they bounce off the bike during transport. While basic, it offers all of the essentials needed for safe motorcycle transport.

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Gifts $60-$80

Tirox SnapJack V2

The Tirox SnapJack is a mini solution for getting the rear tire off the ground for maintenance. While it’s not better than a full-on rear stand for at-home use, it has merit as a roadside tool. It is extremely small and can fit just about anywhere, making it great as a backup for long trips should any maintenance need to be done. It also extends to 15 inches, so it should be able to reach even the tallest of bike swingarms.

Quad Lock Motorcycle Kit

Quad Lock is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to mobile phone mounts. These handy devices let riders safely and securely attach their phones to their bikes so they can utilize apps like GPS on the go. The starter kits give you everything you need to mount a phone to a motorcycle; just make sure you pick the right kit for your recipient’s phone and bike. If they have a sportbike or supersport (something like a Ninja, GSX-R, CBR, or Panigale), you would be best off picking the fork stem mount system since these models lack traditional handlebars. Otherwise, the basic handlebar mount will do just fine.

Battery Tender Plus Charger

If you live in an area that doesn’t offer year-round riding or your rider stores their bike for long periods, a battery tender may be the perfect gift. A battery tender makes sure that the bike’s battery stays healthy while in storage by keeping it charged up throughout the storage period. Otherwise, they might take the bike out of storage only to find that the battery has died, and they need to either recharge it or, worse case, get a replacement. A bad battery is a surefire way to sour the beginning of the riding season, but this simple device keeps that from happening.