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The black interior of a 2022 GMC Acadia shows the steering wheel in close up.

Hands on the Wheel – GMC Acadia Steering Wheel Controls

Do you remember when the steering wheel just steered the car in whatever direction you wanted to go without any fuss? Simply a plain, circular control mechanism, the steering wheel only performed the most basic of functions, yet now, you’re able to control virtually every aspect of your vehicle from your steering wheel with just a push of a button. Perhaps one of the most popular SUVs on the road, especially for families, the 2022 GMC Acadia includes some of the best kid-friendly, commuter-friendly, and all-out style-savvy features, as well as features to enhance any drive.

A top selling point for this midsize SUV is all of the functionality you’re able to enjoy inside, including, you guessed it… a fully loaded steering wheel with all the bells and whistles, buttons, controls, and so much more. This SUV is special because it showcases one of the more modern steering wheels in the industry, armed with everything you need at your fingertips to control your ride, making for a safer, more focused experience behind the wheel, so let’s explore how it all works.

GMC Acadia Steering Wheel Buttons

Upon entering the spacious interior of the Acadia, donning elegant appointments, tons of tech, and room for all, you’ll notice that its steering wheel serves as a command center for the vehicle. Various buttons adorn this leather-wrapped, heated steering wheel, which also features real aluminum trim set atop a tilting-and-telescoping steering column. When you want to remain in control, this is where you’ll begin. At first glance, you may not think that you’ll use the dozen-plus buttons that present themselves to you, but rest assured, you’ll get the hang of them quickly, and you’ll never look back. There’s just something about having everything you need right within reach to make your travels better.

In addition to more common buttons, like cruise control and audio system controls, you’ll notice that there’s more on the Acadia’s steering wheel to really impress you. If equipped with Adaptive Cruise Control, it will offer that function to you, as well as operating the heated steering wheel function, voice recognition elements, and Forward Collision Alert (if equipped). You’ll also notice the 5-Way Control buttons, which help you navigate between the various driver display menus, making it easy to stay focused and in-tune with everything going on inside of your Acadia.

From making a call to setting your speed, turning up your favorite song to warming up your hands on a cold winter’s day, the GMC Acadia’s steering wheel is equipped to handle it all. Not only does this make your ride even more convenient, but it also makes it safer, as you’re not fumbling with the dial on the radio, trying to text someone on your smartphone, or engaging in any other unsafe behavior behind the wheel. This is why more automakers are making the steering wheel an ever more important part of the vehicle to promote safety, awareness, and connectivity during your travels.

The black interior of a 2022 GMC Acadia shows the heat controls in close up.

How Steering Wheel Controls Enhance Your Ride

Like we mentioned above, steering wheel controls offer more than just convenience; they provide a way to remain secure and alert on the road ahead. Take the cruise control functions, for example, as you’re able to set your speed and maintain it on any roadway. If your vehicle is equipped with Adaptive Cruise Control, you’ll be able to set a desired speed and following gap using the steering wheel buttons. When you want to adjust the speed, simply press the RES+ or SET- buttons to speed up or slow down, which comes in handy when the speed limits change. When you want to disable cruise control, it’s easy with a press of a button, making it effortless to operate your vehicle all without taking your hands away from the steering wheel.

Although cruise control is to be expected in many vehicles, advancements with its technology have vastly improved throughout the years, and so has the responsiveness from the steering wheel. This makes it easier to control your vehicle, especially when frequently traveling or venturing out on a long road trip. Another feature found on the Acadia’s steering wheel is Voice Recognition, which allows you to make and answer phone calls, connect with OnStar (if equipped) and operate the Acadia’s ingenious infotainment system. Not having to pick up your phone and scroll to find a contact, letting your eyes leave the road, makes this feature undeniably helpful for any driver. Have access to all of your beloved apps, connect with your contacts, navigate to your next destination, and more, all with your voice, because when it comes to the safety of you and those around you, nothing should get in the way.

The 5-Way Control is also a handy function to have right within reach, offering access to all aspects of your driver display menus. From odometer information to fluid levels, tire pressure, and fuel consumption, everything you want to know about the vehicle is displayed right in front of you without having to search for it. Simply navigate left or right to select the menu you want to view or up and down to scroll through a particular menu. With this convenient cluster of buttons right on your steering wheel, you won’t have to guess how your vehicle is performing or go on the hunt for any pertinent information. This helps you align yourself more closely with your vehicle, making for a much better ride.

In addition to these more complex features of the Acadia’s steering wheel, you’ll also find favorites like volume control, so you don’t have to take your hands off the wheel to adjust the sound, and a convenient button to turn on the heated steering wheel option. If equipped, this makes it easy to warm up, especially when the temperatures drop. With helpful safety features right there with you while you travel, like Forward Collision Alert, activated by the touch of a button, you’ll stay safer and more alert, no matter what type of journey is ahead of you.

Instrument Cluster vs Infotainment Controls

Now that vehicles are including more technology, it’s to be expected that additional elements will need to be added to the interior of your vehicle to allow you easy access to it all. When looking at the GMC Acadia’s steering wheel, you’ll find that certain buttons work for the instrument cluster, and others will work for the infotainment system. Cruise control, Adaptive Cruise Control, and 5-Way Control are helpful instrument cluster controls, whereas voice recognition controls and sound system controls are part of the infotainment system’s controls. This makes it easy to control any aspect of your vehicle, from operation to entertainment and beyond all from one easily accessible place.

The black and tan interior in a 2022 GMC Acadia shoes the steering wheel and infotainment screen.

Steering Wheel Control

Gone are the days of the steering wheel only having one function, and when it comes to making any ride more complete, the steering wheel plays a crucial role in this process. Having what you need at the helm of the vehicle not only makes it easy to complete virtually any task, from placing items on your shopping list to sending an email, it also keeps you safer behind the wheel. You’re able to keep your eyes focused ahead, instead of on your infotainment screen or on your phone, keeping you, your passengers, and everyone traveling alongside you safer. So do yourself a favor and get to know your steering wheel a bit better.